Pergolas & Decking


Bridge the Gap between your home and garden by integrating indoor/outdoor spaces with a particularly designed deck to suit your landscape and surrounding areas.

Gateway Gardens will advise you of the best materials and location for your deck and build high quality and well planned decking such as decking for a pergola area, or just a simple sitting outside retreat that can be enjoyed year-round.

Timber features can also be utilized as decorative elements in your garden for that extra creative touch, such as timber garden boxes and feature walls.


Decking and Pergolas combined is a great way to add space to your outdoor living areas and gardens. It provides shade, greenery and beautifies a focal point in your landscaped area where you can spend time outdoors" entertaining or simply sit and enjoy your outdoor space.

Gateway Gardens will liaise with you and discuss materials and design a well-planned pergola best suited for your outdoor area, which will add value, style and beauty to your home.

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