Gateway Gardens offer a range of consultation services depending on the scale and type of project. Our design process allows us to create the perfect garden design for you, with a passionate team whom will liase with the you throughout the whole design process and beyond delivery.

After your initial enquiry, through our website or via phone or email, our team will get in touch and discuss your project brief further. Understanding our client is what is most important. We start by understanding your design ideas, how you want to use your outdoor spaces and the inspiration behind it.  Design options and services will be discussed and what will best suit your needs. On site consultation will be arranged to further discuss your project brief, and a site analysis will be undertaken. Following the consultation a Design Proposal is forwarded which outlines the fee to develop a Concept Plan.

The process varies on what type of project or service you enquire for, we cover all aspects of the design process and can take your project right through from concept to construction documentation. These steps are;

Once our client is happy with the design progress from concept to design development, we work closely together to manage costs, time plan/management, material quality, plant selection and quality, all the way through to landscape plans for Council Development Applications (DA) and all of the design process attributes that are required, to ensure our client the best project outcome in every aspect of the design.

Gateway Gardens experienced landscape and construction team will then take on the role of ensuring the vision of the proposed design is brought to life during the build process. Once the design has been constructed, you have the option to have Gateway Gardens Maintain it by our professional landscapers, with a Maintenance plan discussed together to suit your needs so it can thrive to its full potential beyond delivery.

Contact us to learn more about our garden designs and what we can do for you.

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